Bunbury to Denmark

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Take a Tour – Bunbury to Denmark

National Route 1
316km – 4hrs ride time

Head out of Bunbury down the South West Hwy and head for Boyanup which is fairly flat open road to get yourself sorted before you continue on to Donnybrook as it transitions to twisty hill country through the forest and mixed fruit orchards.

The run on to Kirup will see the road open up with a lot of money spent on the road that takes some of the fun out of it. Don’t be tempted to blast through Kirup just because it’s downhill through town, enjoy the pause, save it for the stretch to quirky Balingup, which provides open curves and hills.

Balingup to Bridgetown is more of the same, except for the infamousBeach Ride - Fabulous place to ride a Motorcycle
Hester’s Hill, now tamed, but still will test your bike, as it climbs up out of the valley floor.

Cuppa Time – Stop in Bridgetown

Bridgetown will offer a place to stretch your legs and top up on caffeine if you feel the need, perhaps hit the bakery. Or you can push on for half an hour and do it all in Manjimup and top up the fuel before making the hour and a half journey to Walpole through the huge Karri trees, maybe stop and take in the atmosphere or check one of the Bushfire lookout trees.

Walpole will be a welcome break after all the winding road, big trees and fresh air, with all the tourist facilities for your needs.

A short ride and across the Frankland River into Nornalup, you can motor on to the Bow Bridge Roadhouse with or without the cheeky side detour up the Valley of the Giants road, if you didn’t get enough tree action or want to sneak in a tree top walk to straighten your legs.

River or the Sea – Your choice?River Ride, Hire a Motorcycle by Australian Motorcycle Rental

Now only half an hour to your destination of Denmark through a mixture of coastal and farmland country and you can easily duck into any number of wineries, if you’re making good time, along the way.

Denmark is great place to end the journey and mosey around this great little town before heading off on the return trip to visit any places you liked the of on the way down.

Wait! You should take a blast down the Ocean Beach road alongside the Harding River and take a look at the river mouth and take in the south coast ocean scenery before you head back.

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